Urgent update on LB 70 (Slot tax and more) HELP!

Dear Supporter,

We need your help immediately! The Governor last night vetoed LB 70 which puts a small, 10% tax on the illegal slot machines that are popping up all over the state. If we thought this would eliminate these machines we would be in favor of this bill instead it will expand gambling because of other wording in the bill.

The Legislature will be voting on this TODAY !  Please contact as many Senators as possible and ask them to vote “NO” or “Not Voting”  on overriding the Governor’s veto of LB 70 !


(Ask your friends to help us also.)


Sen. Roy Baker rbaker@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2620
Sen. Dave Bloomfield dbloomfield@leg.ne.gov  402-471-2716
Sen. Kate Bolz kbolz@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2734
Sen. Lydia Brasch lbrasch@leg.ne.gov  402-471-2728
Sen. Kathy Campbell Kcampbell@leg.ne.gov  402-471-2731
Sen. Ernie Chambers Echambrs@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2612
Sen. Colby Coash Ccoash@leg.ne.gov  402-471-2632
Sen. Tanya Cook Tcook@leg.ne.gov  402-471-2727
Sen. Joni Craighead Jcraighead@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2714
Sen. Sue Crawford Scrawford@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2615
Sen. Al Davis Adavis@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2628
Sen. Laura Ebke Lebke@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2711
Sen. Curt Friesen Cfriesen@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2630
Sen. Tommy Garrett Tgarrett@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2627
Sen. Mike Gloor Mgloor@leg.ne.gov  402-471-2617
Sen. Mike Groene Mgroene@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2729
Sen. Burt Haar Bhaar@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2673
Sen. Galen Hadley Ghadley@leg.ne.gov  402-471-2726
Sen. Matt Hansen Mhansen@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2610
Sen. Burke Harr bharr@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2722
Sen. Robert Hilkemann Rhilkemann@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2621
Sen. Sara Howard Showard@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2723
Sen. Dan Hughes Dhughes@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2805
Sen. Jerry Johnson Jjohnson@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2719
Sen. Bill Kintner Bkintner@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2613
Sen. Rick Kolowski Rkolowski@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2327
Sen. Mark Kolterman Mkolterman@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2756
Sen. Bob Krist Bkrist@leg.ne.gov  402-471-2718
Sen. John Kuehn Jhuehn@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2732
Sen. Tyson Larson tlarson@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2801
Sen. Brett Lindstrom Blindstrom@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2618
Sen. John McCollister Jmccollister@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2622
Sen. Beau McCoy bmccoy@leg.ne.gov  402-471-2885
Sen. Heath Mello Hmello@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2710
Sen. Adam Morfeld Amorfeld@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2720
Sen. John Murante Jmurante@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2725
Sen. Jeremy Nordquist Jnordquist@leg.ne.gov  402-471-2721
Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks Psansingbrooks@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2633
Sen. Merv Riepe Mriepe@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2623
Sen. Jim Scheer Jscheer@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2929
Sen. Ken Schilz Kschilz@leg.ne.gov  402-471-2616
Sen. David Schnoor Dschnoor@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2625
Sen. Paul Schumacher Pschumacher@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2715
Sen. Les Seiler lseiler@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2712
Sen. Jim Smith jsmith@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2730
Sen. John Stinner Jstinner@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2802
Sen. Kate Sullivan Ksullivan@leg.ne.gov  402-471-2631
Sen. Dan Watermeier Dwatermeier@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2733
Sen. Matt Williams Mwilliams@leg.ne.gov 402-471-2642


Thank you for all you do and I will keep you informed.  I am on my way to the Capitol!  Pray!


Blessings, Pat