Gambling Proponents Cheated Nebraska Once Again

When will gambling proponents ever learn that Nebraskans’ cherish our “Good Life” and we do not want to see it ruined by expanded gambling – especially in the form of Casinos and Slot Machines? For 21 years expanded gambling has been defeated in the Legislature or by the voters. Our Senators wisely examined the facts and came to the conclusion that the 3 to 1 cost of gambling is not worth it. Nationwide studies show that for every dollar a state gains in gambling revenue it costs them $3.00 in social costs. Nebraska does not need increased crime, embezzlements, domestic violence, divorce, suicides and other problems. We value our families and businesses and are not interested in trashing our state.

But will the gambling proponents just stop the foolishness and leave us alone – NEVER! The latest attempt by the “Keep the Money” committee was led by former State Senator Scott Lautenbaugh. It was financed by the Winnebago Tribe who put up 1.4 Million dollars trying to ram Casinos and Slots down our throats. The Tribe did not put up that kind of money because they wanted to help horse racing. They did it because they knew if we changed our Constitution they would be allowed under Federal law to have unlimited Indian casinos in any city or town they wanted – virtually untaxed and unregulated.

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