A Message from Our Executive Director: “Our work is still crucially important.”

Dear Supporters,

It was a sad day for Nebraska when initiative 429 passed. This constitutional amendment will allow all forms of casino gambling all over our great state.

Gambling with the Good Life fought hard, we gave it our all, but the millions of dollars put up by the gambling industry overwhelmed us. For the past 25 years we successfully fought to prevent that from ever happening here and we were shocked by the results.

The day after the election, the Winnebago tribe announced that they had $300 million ready to build the first three major casinos in Omaha, Lincoln, and South Sioux City. We fear this is only the beginning. Will they begin offering sports betting on cell phones? This is Tom Osborne’s worst fear, as it will destroy the integrity of sports and corrupt our young people.

Our work is still crucially important.

The new Legislature will be reconvening in January and they always introduces bills to expand gambling. We have managed to defeat those efforts every time and we will be there to do it again in 2021.

We also hope to be offering bills to minimize the damage that casino gambling will cause. We must continue to fight this uphill battle for the sake of all the families and businesses that will be adversely affected in the near future.

My favorite quote is “God has called us to faithfulness, not results.” We certainly don’t like the election results, but our work is not finished – our faithfulness must continue.

With your help we will carry on and continue to oppose expanded gambling in all forms.

Pat Loontjer