Protect Nebraska from Unlimited Casino Gambling – Vote NO on 429, 430, 431

Protect Nebraska from Unlimited Casino Gambling – Vote No on 429, 430, 431

1. Nebraska’s leadership is united against gambling, trust them.

Who is for casinos? Gambling operators. They stand to make millions.

  • Nebraska’s leaders oppose 429, 430, and 431: Governor Pete Ricketts, Congressman Tom Osborne, Senator Bob Kerrey, Senator Mike Johanns, Governor Dave Heineman, Governor Kay Orr, Ron Brown, Warren Buffett, Chuck Hassebrook, Johnny Rodgers and many others.

2. 429 allows 24/7 gambling anywhere across Nebraska, including your community.

The initiative abolishes our constitutional protection against casinos. Instead, unelected commissioners could allow gambling at any “licensed racetrack enclosure.”

  • A “racetrack” could offer 24/7 casino gambling 365 days/year by holding just one race per year. Such “licensed racetrack enclosures” could open across the state.
  • 429 authorizes every kind of gambling—slot machines, sports betting, online gambling—with no oversight from the legislature or public.
  • 429 also automatically and immediately allows tribes to operate their own casinos – unlimited, untaxed, and no local control.

3. Casino gambling will INCREASE Nebraska taxes.

Casino gambling creates social costs that ruin lives, families, businesses, and communities. But gambling operators don’t pay for these harms. Taxpayers do.

  • Iowa has raised taxes since gambling moved in.
  • Think “ABCs”: Addiction. Bankruptcies. Crime.
  • Casino states tax their citizens more heavily than states without casinos, concludes Creighton University Economist Dr. Ernie Goss in a 2019 study.

4. “Keep the Money in Nebraska” is a lie. Casinos drain money out of economies.

“Slots in Nebraska will just drain more money out of the state,” says John E. Anderson, University of Nebraska Department of Economics.

  • CEO Warren Buffett says, “It’s just a big loser for everyone…you don’t need more of it.”
  • When Detroit voters approved casinos to “stop” $500 million going across the river to Windsor, Canada, more people got hooked on gambling and gambling losses increased to $700 million.
  • Just one casino in Omaha would increase gambling losses in Omaha by 66% and add $132 million in social costs while Nebraskans will continue to gamble in Iowa, according to a 2002 Omaha Chamber of Commerce study.

Protect our constitution. Protect Nebraska’s Good Life.

Vote NO on 429, 430 & 431