Update on Casino Petition

The Winnebago tribe has spent $2 million dollars to pay for the signatures needed to change our Constitution and get the casino question on the ballot in November. They hired out of state students to converge on every city and it looks like they may have reached their goal. If these signatures are valid (and there is some question about that) we will be in for the fight of our lives.

The petitions will allow full blown casinos at the current six racetracks. What they are not telling the voters is that if the Constitution is changed it will open the state for unlimited Indian casinos (which are virtually untaxed & unregulated). This will be a disaster and change the face of our great state forever.

If the Winnebago were willing to pay over $2 million for just the signatures you can only imagine what they will put up to get it passed

We are considering all of our options should we have to launch a full-blown campaign to inform the voters and prevent its passage.

As we wait for the final count we ask for your prayers. God has blessed our state for the past 25 years and we are asking for His mercy once again.

Pat Loontjer
Executive Director “Gambling with the Good Life”