Tom Osborne Interviews Matt Monheiser

Tom Osborne Interviews Convicted Gambling Embezzler Matt Monheiser

Bank Vice President, Gambling Addict, and Convicted Embezzler Matt Monheiser talks with Nebraska’s Tom Osborne about how gambling hurts families and communities.

Omaha Private Eye Accused of Defrauding Client


Omaha private eye accused of defrauding client of more than $850,000

An Omaha private investigator was indicted Thursday on allegations that she schemed to defraud a client of more than $850,000.

Patricia Walker-Halstead has been charged by the federal government with 11 counts of wire fraud. Prosecutors say Walker-­Halstead used payments from the client for personal expenses and gambling rather than on background checks and other security services.

Omaha World-Herald August 23, 2013

Terrance Watanabe Lost As Much As $200M

Terrance Watanabe, an Omaha businessman, lost as much as $200 million

Terrance Watanabe, an Omaha businessman, lost as much as $200 million at Caesars Palace and the Rio Hotel Casino in Las Vegas in 2007. He was indicted by a grand jury for failing to pay $14.7 million in gambling debts, but he later settled with the company and the criminal charges were dropped.  Watanabe’s family formerly owned Oriental Trading, a gifts and novelties company based in Omaha.

Associated Press  March 18, 2013

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Gambling Ideas Don’t Get Better Over Time

For 2013 we’re seeing a rehash of bad gambling expansion ideas that have failed in past years: slot machines that show old horse races, faster keno times, constitutionally empowering the legislature to expand gambling, and more. If we did not speak out, these ideas would be plaguing Nebraska already. Please help us keep the voice of reason in the debates.