Chief Standing Bear

Gambling with Chief Standing Bear’s Legacy

How do you honor the legacy of not only one of the greatest historical figures in Nebraska history, but greatest civil rights leaders in World history?

Maybe with statues, or with schools, parks, and bridges named in their honor. Whatever the case, you likely wouldn’t ever think to include a casino on that list, especially for someone who fought against lies, broken promises, and grave injustice on behalf of the oppressed.

But that’s exactly what leaders of the Ponca Tribe are attempting to do today by naming their new casino in honor of Chief Standing Bear’s daughter, Prairie Flower, who died during the Ponca’s forced removal from their home on the Niobrara River to Indian territory in present-day Oklahoma.

While supposedly honoring the tribes past, this casino, comprised entirely of slot machines, will be an establishment designed to create and exploit addiction. And the most vulnerable, the poor, homeless, and downtrodden, will be the primary target.

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